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Baúl De Curiosidades: ¿Cómo Es Que El Arcoíris Se Convirtió En ¿por qué a los gatos les gusta que les rasquen la pancita? Las seis rayas actuales en la bandera hacen referencia a los colores naturales del arcoíris.

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Se alojan en la habitación gratis si no necesitan cama adicional. Niños de 3 a 6 años incluidos. Los huéspedes con edad a partir de 7 años se consideran adultos. Se debe usar cama extra, lo que supone un cargo adicional.

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Escrito el 13 septiembre Hung de Estados Unidos. Escrito el 27 junio SY de Vietnam. Familia con niños pequeños. Escrito el 22 junio Cecile de Francia. Escrito el 31 marzo Viajero solo. Escrito el 09 agosto Seeking to document human rights abuses being carried out and provide a record of those who had fallen, an ad hoc group of technologists , lawyers , and journalists hacked out an online mapping tool able to receive and locate SMS and social media reports in real-time. Ushahidi , which means "witness" in Swahili, provided individuals across the country the opportunity to document what was happening within their communities.

Since its early development, this unique crowdmapping software has been used around the world to provide information to disaster responders responding to natural disasters , media outlets seeking to track human rights abuses , and communities working to document corruption and bribery , among many others.

Seeking to avoid a recurrence of violence, Ushahidi deployed Uchaguzi , meaning "election" in Swahili, to allow citizens, voting monitors, and officials to document campaigning, provide witness, and share the experiences of varied geographic and ethnic communities engaged in the process. In , Kenya headed towards a constitutional referendum, and instead of being passive, citizens actively prepared not only to vote, but also to document events within their communities.

The platform was again deployed to track the Presidential elections , with much success. In the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks at the Westgate shopping center in Nairobi's Westlands neighborhood, Ushahidi began mapping blood donation centers where concerned citizens could provide a critical and direct relief service to those affected. Urban diagnostics and slum appraisals have also benefited tremendously from community mapping efforts.

When the Map Kibera project launched, it was a revolutionary idea by a dedicated group of slum residents to provide their neighbors, city planners, and community workers with a geography of life in one of Africa's best-known unplanned communities. Building on the success achieved through these projects, Slum Dwellers International SDI undertook similar efforts in the Mathare informal settlement.

The visualizations provided by these collaborative efforts have assisted residents and development workers in improving clean water and sanitation access, security through increased lighting , and community engagement and a sense of ownership. As Linnet Kwamboka, Founder and Director of DataScience Ltd , points out, without the tools and mechanisms to interpret and transform data into usable information, its application and use can be limited. Addressing this, DataScience Ltd. Working as an intermediary, DataScience assists in building a more informed society by serving as a mediator, taking on the role of interpreting and transforming the large raw data sets into engaging and informative content that can be digested by a wide cross-section of the population.

Nairobi is home to a wide diversity of ad hoc groups and large-scale organizations dedicated to using new technologies and information services to meet the challenges of corruption, development, and urbanization.

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Many of the tools developed out of collaborative efforts in the capital have been disseminated throughout the country and around the world, with widespread and positive impacts. Mexico D. Mexico City, 6 March — Before , poverty rates were unknown in Mexico. The emergence of the General Social Development Act allowed the creation of an autonomous institute for the measurement of poverty using a holistic approach.

The regulatory and institutional framework has led to the georeferenced identification and monitoring of urban poverty in Mexico City from the public sphere and from civil society. No obstante, el tema de las carencias sociales en la población ha estado presente bajo el fenómeno de la pobreza urbana.

Así mismo, para poder identificar en donde se encuentran ubicados los pobres en el territorio, el CONEVAL desarrolló mapas de pobreza por ingresos, los cuales se actualizan cada 5 años en el Distrito Federal. La plataforma muestra mapas interactivos a través de capas, en donde es posible seleccionar las variables que se desean observar sobrepuestas a lo largo del territorio del DF.

Economic and social statistics in Mexico show that the Federal District is one of the areas with the lowest rates of urban poverty compared to the rest of the country. There are even areas of the Federal District that have a Human Development Index rating comparable to the most developed countries of the world.

However, the topic of social deprivation has been raised due to the incidence of urban poverty. Although national statistics allowed insight into this problem, it wasn't until that the General Law of Social Development allowed for the creation of an independent and autonomous institute to evaluate the National Policy for Social Development and to establish guidelines and identification of poverty at a national and local level.

To understand and measure poverty, CONEVAL adopted a model that integrates economic data measuring residents' income with their ability to access and satisfy their basic needs.

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In order to identify where in the territory the poor are concentrated, CONEVAL developed income poverty maps, which they update every five years in the Federal District. These maps are an important tool for the government in making better decisions for public policy. They also allow for better definition of priorities when allocating public resources and focusing public spending in geographic zones that present the highest poverty rates.

An example of this is DATA4 D4 , a journalistic-style platform that works to make data accessible to bigger audiences through finding, processing, analyzing, and keeping data open and available. The data is depicted through interactive graphics, allowing the population to really see the geographical size of these social issues.

According to D4, "stories are better told with numbers, where the correlations are clear and where the information is ready, presented and accessible. Currently, D4 is working on the launch of the GEODF project, which aims to collect data about Mexico City in one platform that will consider analysis about the surrounding environment, policy and government, mobility, economics, wellbeing, services, and population.

Among the accessible data are statistics about education, services, homicide rates, citizen participation, public transport, access to social security, housing, and much more. The platform presents layers interactive maps where viewers can select the variables to be displayed across the physical territory of the Federal District. This platform has huge added value in representing all the data through one map and processing it by AGEBs geographic blocks well defined by roads, avenues, walkways, or any other easy method of land identification ; because unlike CONEVAL, the geo-referenced data is analysed on a much smaller territorial scale.

GEODF allows for clear analysis and identification of the incidence of urban poverty at a more local level; it is possible to locate where this occurs and how it is characterised in order to encourage those linked to social development to act in a more informed way, as well as encouraging citizen participation. Lagos, 5 March — Gaining access to information and understanding that information are two separate issues: data that's been gathered is often hard to interpret. BudgIt is an organization whose mission is to bring clarity to modern-day issues and governance performances through new media techniques, providing much desired clarity to the public.

The culture of impunity, the closed governance style, and lack of transparency are common issues in Nigeria. The passage of the Freedom of Information FOI bill has provided some form of leverage for demanding transparency and shared information with the public. However, this received and shared information is often tedious to absorb and assimilate. The Lagos-based organization was created based on the belief that it is the " right of every citizen to have access and also understand public budgets. We also believe budgets must be efficiently implemented for the good of the people.

The organization focuses mainly on sharing information about public budgets. While this service is provided for various cities and levels of government ranging from national to local, it has consistently helped improve the accountability and transparency of Lagos city public affairs as they relate to the city state's budget.

Information is shared and disseminated through an open platform available to any interested citizen with a connection to the internet, via infographics for easy to comprehend content, traditional data forms, and videos. This is much more digestible, as reading a budget is typically a fairly tiresome task. Initially, the organization started out with information about budgets only; now, however, it provides information regarding national programs, the subsidy re-investment scheme , and the national election , in order to keep people informed about a variety of issues.